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BASF Assistant Manager, TPU Sales & Business Development, Performance Materials Japan in Yokohama, Japan

Assistant Manager, TPU Sales & Business Development, Performance Materials Japan











O bjecti v es of t h e P osi t ion

  • Maintain and expand existing business (volume & profit) management at TPU customers(focus inJapan & Other country in Asia) to maximize business result & create sustainable business relationship.

  • Drive TPU business development following team strategy to achieve annual target numbers.

  • Make broad connection with target accounts& propose potential solutions with other teams to create business in Japan & other Japanese accounts in Asia

  • Create & drive business development strategy for selected target accounts to clarify action plan of sustainable business growth

  • Domestic and international business trip is necessary to manage Japanese key accounts relationship & new business development

M ain Areas of Responsibilities and Key Activities

As TPU sales & Business development

  • Implement to achieve annual budget (Volume, Net sales, cCM1) for own accounts.

  • Develop new business opportunities(short/Mid) by making strategic pricing & account strategy for own accounts to achieve target.

  • Steers potential new customer projects/new applications and manages projects till commercialization.

  • Elaborate strategy for selected key accounts who are regional customers to clarify action plan of sustainable business growth

  • Drive relationship management with key account to develop higher level of contact (all functions)

  • Drive domestic sales activity & initiate JTT business following key account strategy.

  • Identifies &develop business opportunities based on a market & product understanding.

  • Distributor management to maximize sales efficiency

  • Cascades Japan TPU business strategy and focuses on thereof resulting target customer & applications.

  • Effective Non-Conformance Management (NCM) by adequate resolution and closure of all NCM’s

  • Coordinates with local country Technical Team and resources to conduct customers evaluation, trials, and troubleshooting.

  • Identifies new product development needs according to customer requirements and communicate effectively to the related counter partner in the organization.

  • Actively participate and contribute on the activities related to targeted markets together with the Global, regional, and local team

  • Develop and manages opportunity pipeline.

  • Supports technical projects/activities and ensure good progress of these projects, by assigning appropriate expertise and using effective project management approach.


  • Establish best practices across regions

  • Plan and implement the career development plan following CHOICE

  • Whenever necessary, provides input towards related strategy and/or roadmap from an industry perspective and material perspective. Provides information like market size, business potential (volume, price), product performance, potential customers, customer needs, application examples etc.

  • Travelingabroadto support necessary new account development and business development.

Minimum Education & qualifications

Edu c a t i o n

  • Masters or Bachelor of chemical engineering, chemistry, Polymers, or related fields/Business administration

W o r k in g E x pe r i e n c e

  • Minimum 5 Years’ Experience of thermoplastic elastomer for sales position or business development position inJapanese TPE market

  • Proven track record of developing and executing successful segment strategies and plans throughout an organization. In-depth knowledge of competitive dynamics and how to integrate segment marketing into the overall business strategy

  • Effective Business Reporting / Communication in English

  • Handling and customer management (claims, issues, specific requests, etc.)

T e c hn i c a l & P r o f e ss i o n a l Knowledge

  • Strong knowledge polymers (product properties, product development etc..) and/or applications (tech development, design, evaluation, requirements)

  • Effective business reporting, communication & presentation in English & Japanese

  • Handing & manage claims, issues, specific request etc. from customers

  • Preferable Deep understanding & experience in Thermoplastics Elastomer Industry.



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