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Beaumont Health System Clinical Nurse in Wayne, Michigan

div divbspanGENERAL SUMMARY: /span/bspan /spanspanThe clinical nurse, under the ANA scope of practice utilizes the framework of the nursing process to provide professional nursing care by incorporating patient-family centered care principles. The Clinical Nurse provides quality patient care under the direction of the Nurse Leader according to Beaumont policies and procedures. /spanspan/spanspan /spanbspanUNIT SUMMARY:/span/bbspan /span/bspanIMC is a high-energy unit that promotes a positive culture and work environment with flexible scheduling; we strive to maintain a competitive nurse to patient ratio. Nurses on this unit are teamwork oriented and have excellent support staff which include nursing assistants, telemetry technicians and unit secretaries. We care for a diverse patient population including, but not limited to, respiratory, cardiac, and neuro illnesses. It is common to have patients on cardiac drips, cardiac catheterization patients and COPDneumonia/CHF patients. IMC staff meet once a month for unit council to address staff concerns and serve as a voice for the unit. Unit council also plans activities which include unit outings, in house activities and volunteer opportunities. /spanspan /spanbspanESSENTIAL DUTIES:/span/bspan span/span/spanspan /spanspanspan1.span /span/span/spanspanApplies the nursing process of assessment, /spanspanplanning, implementation, evaluation and discharge needs of patient/family/significant other./spanspanspan2.span /span/span/spanspanApplies the Core Concepts of Patient- and Family-Centered Care (PFCC) spanin/spanspan /spanspanpractice and/spanspan /spanspanuses/spanspan /spanspanthis/spanspan /spanspanknowledgespan /spantospan /spanpersonalizespan /spancarespan /spanforspan /spaneachspan /spanpatient/family./span/spanspanspan3.span /span/span/spanspanspan /span/spanspanRecognizes/spanspan /spanspanthe/spanspan /spanspanimpact/spanspan /spanspanof/spanspan /spanspannursing/spanspan /spanspancare and patient/family partnerships/spanspan /spanspanon/spanspan /spanspanpatient/spanspan /spanspanoutcomes./spanspan/spanspanspan4.span /span/span/spanspanPartners with and utilizes/spanspan /spanspanpatient/family/spanspan /spanspaninput/spanspan /spanspanand/spanspan /spanspangoals/spanspan /spanspanin/spanspan /spanspanplanning/spanspan /spanspanplan/spanspan /spanspanof/spanspan /spanspancare./spanspan/spanspanspan5.span /span/span/spanspanProvides quality care that meets or exceeds the expectations of value (core measures, quality matrix, patient experience, fiscally responsible)./spanspanspan6.span /span/span/spanspanProvides assistanc