Job Information

Siemens 数字化工业 业务拓展经理 上海/北京 in China

Job Family: Sales

Req ID: 372237


工厂自动化部致力于支持客户不断提升其可持续竞争力。通过自动化、数字化和智能化利用生产数据,减少能源和资源消耗,减少二氧化碳排放,大幅降低成本。通过全集成自动化,协调所有系统组件和功能,提高数据的横向和纵向透明度,实现现实世界与数字世界、OT 环境与 IT 环境的融合。

What are my responsibilities?

• Research on market trend, develop application, enhance market transparency, make fighting guide;

• Draw up and implement strategies for Top OEM development, booster competitiveness, formulate technical and pricing solution;

• Support and motivate the related sales to develop potential OEM customers according to branch development strategy;

• Systematically and professionally manage business process;

  • 研究市场趋势,开发行业应用,提高市场透明度,制定策略指南;

  • 制定并实施OEM的发展战略,提高竞争力,制定技术和价格方案;

  • 根据行业的发展战略,支持和激励相关销售人员开发潜在OEM客户;

  • 系统化、专业化地管理业务流程;

What do I need to qualify for this job?

• Bachelor degree or above and major in automation, mechanical or electrical engineering etc;

• At least 5 years in automation industry or related companies, familiar with Siemens PLC/HMI is plus;

• Related Siemens SIMATIC knowledge and application experiences;

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills, executive capabilities;

• Able to travel frequently;

• Hard-working and able to deal with pressure;

• Proficient in English Writing and Speaking.

  • 本科及以上学历,自动化、机械或电气工程等专业;

  • 5年以上自动化行业或相关公司工作经验,熟悉西门子PLC、HMI优先考虑;

  • 有西门子SIMATIC相关知识和应用经验;

  • 具有较强的沟通和人际交往能力、执行能力;

  • 能够经常出差;

  • 工作勤奋,能承受压力;