Job Information

Enerbank USA Product Manager in Salt Lake City, Utah

The Product Manager, Software Products is responsible for the vision of the Bank’s software products. They represent all internal stakeholders to the product team. The Product Manager, also act as the “voice of the customer” by defining and prioritizing product backlogs. They act as the Product Owner in the agile software development process. They ensure the product teams maximize value through delivery of product features that matter the most to our customers and partners.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop product strategies to ensure delivered products align to current and future market needs

  • Collaborate with stakeholders regularly and represent their needs in product planning

  • Participate as a key member of the product team

  • Assess value, prioritize epics, stories and themes to ensure work is focused on maximum value delivery and alignment with product strategy

  • Define and accept prototype designs

  • Work with Business Analysts to ensure all stories have clearly defined conditions of acceptance and accept once these are accurately captured.

  • Prioritize product backlogs

  • Assist in backlog grooming

  • Collaborate with customer facing roles gaining feedback and market insight to help in product feature value assessment

  • Travel to meet with customers, partners and 3rd parties to obtain firsthand knowledge of current and future market needs

  • Strive to focus on minimum viable product to deliver value as quickly as possible, then iterate to full version based on market feedback from earlier deliveries

  • Manage multiple products concurrently

Additional Duties:

  • Collaborate with analysts and market researchers to help assess value and refine product strategies

  • Calculate and communicate product feature ROI

  • Train Sales and Marketing personnel on product features

  • Assist in the development of product documentation

  • Assist in customer facing events

  • Act as product evangelist

  • Provides on-site training to end users when required

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Expertise in customer experience as well as the role software plays in that experience

  • Ability to interact with customers to determine ways in which their experience could be improved

  • Ability to break down high level features into consumable discrete pieces of functionality

  • Ability to prioritize desired product features by delivered value

  • Mobile App development is a plus

  • Knowledge of financing products and their role in industry

  • Ability to analyze data and research materials to determine market trends

  • Ability to quickly learn process and methodology

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Strong written and verbal communication

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Technology, Business or equivalent experience.

  • 3+ years working as a product manager/owner with agile product teams

  • 2+ years conducting direct product research through customer interaction

  • Strong familiarity with software solutions