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Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Blending Technician I - 2nd Shift Mon - Thurs 4pm - 2:15am Pay Rate - $22.65 plus $2.00 shift differential. (1 position) in Hobart, New York

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Blending Technician I - 2nd Shift Mon - Thurs 4pm - 2:15am Pay Rate - $22.65 plus $2.00 shift differential. (1 position)


JR000014255 Blending Technician I - 2nd Shift Mon - Thurs 4pm - 2:15am Pay Rate - $22.65 plus $2.00 shift differential. (1 position) (Open)


Hobart, NY (Pharma) - USA036

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Hobart, NY

Job Description

Summary of Position

Blend defined quantities of designated raw materials (per specific manufacturing instructions) into final dosage blend stage. Executes all Production processes while strictly adhering to cGMP, Standard Operating Procedures, documentation protocols, environmental health and safety guidelines and any other related regulations that could apply. The Blending Technician is expected to fully participate in both departmental projects and any quality working teams that may be applicable. Supports the leader and subject matter (SME) expert in their area(s) of responsibility. Supports production, operations projects and process improvements. Maintains accurate and compliant documentation on all activities.

Essential Functions

Batch Record Executed

Sets up and operates equipment in blending operations. Makes minor adjustments to equipment as required. Verifies scales. Inspects production room(s) and equipment for required state of safety and cleanliness. Stages materials needed to produce the batch. Blends ingredients using appropriate process, time intervals and equipment. Places blended materials in containers that have been prepared according to instructions and SOP. Prepares and affixes labels at various stages of the blend. Weighs materials at various stages of the blending process to ensure accuracy of the blend. Records weights, processes, sample data, equipment and other information required on appropriate paperwork (batch folders, equipment records, etc.) to insure documentation prescribed by SOPs and government regulations. Prepares and submits samples to Quality Control Laboratory.

Line Schedule Adhered to

Is at his/her position on the line ready to start production as required. Monitors the production process, makes periodic checks and adjusts equipment or work practices to maximize production efficiency, yields, quality and safety. Accurately reports production and ensures reports are completed as required. Assists maintenance personnel in set-up, adjustments and equipment repairs as trained and instructed. Ensures that line conditions are acceptable to change from one product to another by ensuring that materials, paperwork, and equipment have been staged for changeover.

Downtime Avoided

Will immediately stop line and notify Line Leader of any safety or quality concerns. Documents inspections performed and keeps accurate equipment records, clean-up sheets and other required paperwork. Disassembles, cleans and reassembles basic line equipment according to SOPs. Insures proper inspections are conducted prior to reassembly. Cleans and assembles dust collector.

Compliance Standards Met

Follows all HSSE rules and regulations. Accepts accountability for own personal safety and identifies potential unsafe conditions to help prevent self and co-workers from being injured. Complies with all site security requirements. Performs lock-out/tag-out procedures according to SOPs. Follows safe working practices in the execution of their assigned duties. Actively participates in general site and departmental Safety initiatives. Maintains clean work area; clear away debris, damaged or defective product, cartons, labels and packaging supplies.

Escalation Process Adhered to

Makes initial attempts to identify root cause within scope of decision-making authority while simultaneously notifying next level of leadership. If attempts at the next level do not resolve the problem and the Associate believes that a higher level needs to be involved, the problem is escalated to the highest level.

Marginal Functions

Assists technicians at other stations within the department as needed. Works on any blending stations on which you are trained

May be crossed-trained in other functions


Problem Solving: Rigorously and systematically connects information, processes and events by organizing divergent information and searching for common themes, patterns, and causal connections. Undertakes a complex task by breaking it down into manageable parts in a systematic, detailed way. Thinks of several possible explanations or alternatives for a situation and anticipates potential obstacles and develops contingency plans to overcome them. Uses intelligence, common sense, hard work and tenacity to solve particularly difficult or complicated challenges.

Attention to Detail/Focus: Is thorough and precise in accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved, no matter how small. Monitors and checks work or information and plans and organizes time and resources efficiently. Double-checks the accuracy of information and work product to provide accurate and consistent work. Provides information on a timely basis and in a usable form to others who need to act on it. Compares observations of finished work to what is expected to find inconsistencies.

Follows Processes Consistently: Shows concern for all aspects of the job by accurately checking processes and tasks; carefully and accurately follows established procedures for completing work tasks; uses knowledge that is acquired through formal training or extensive on-the-job experience to perform one’s job.

Composure: Is cool under pressure; does not become defensive or irritated when times are tough; is considered mature; can be counted onto hold things together during tough times; can handle stress; is knocked off balance by the unexpected; doesn’t show frustration when resisted or blocked; is a settling influence in a crisis.

Positive Attitude/Engagement: Shows commitment/dedication and accountability in one’s work; and follows through on all aspects. Takes personal responsibility for resolving problems brought to one’s attention. Goes beyond expectations in the assignment/task, or job description without being asked.

Incorporates Mallinckrodt Cultural Hallmarks in daily routine:

  • Accountable: Promote responsibility. Forward thinking to anticipate potential issues and downtime.

  • Competitive: Continuous improvement oriented. Understand, promote, and practice lean principals.

  • Collaborative: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, ensuring professional and courteous interactions at all organizational levels. Work effectively in a high performing team environment; understand the basic concepts of team dynamics and team building.

  • High Performing: Understand and support performance excellence objectives.

  • Trustworthy

Minimum Requirements

Education: Requires basic knowledge and the ability to apply mathematical concepts, spelling, English, and grammar. High School diploma or GED required.

Experience: Preferred minimum of three to twelve months’ experience under direct supervision and guidance in order to gain sufficient skill to perform the requirements of the position.

Preferred Skills/Competencies:

Ability to comprehend, and carryout instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form and deal with problems/variations involving standardized situations Perform the basic functions of arithmetic; add, subtract, multiply and divide all units of measure. Proficiency in direct compression blending processes and equipment. Accuracy and attention to detail is critical. Continuous improvement focused and quality oriented as such is expected to participate in related activities and events.

Other Skills/Competencies:

Machines, Tools, Equipment and Work Aids that may be representative but not all inclusive of those commonly associated with this position.

Physical Demands/Work Environment

Physical/Visual Activities or Demands: Physical/visual activities or demands that are commonly associated with the performance of the functions of this job.

A. Heavy physical demand requires frequent moving, pushing, pulling, rolling and dumping of up to 100 kg and manual lifting of up to 25 kg. Physical demand also involves walking and standing (70%), balancing, bending, kneeling and reaching (15%), grasping and feeling (5%) and communicating (10%).

B. Mental demand is frequent requiring attention to details of specific manufacturing instructions and recording of information on paperwork.

C. Visual demand is continuous and requires clarity of vision at 20 inches or less and 20 feet or more with peripheral vision and the ability to bring objects into sharp focus, to judge distance and space relationships and to identify and distinguish colors.

Environmental/Atmospheric Conditions: Environmental and atmospheric conditions commonly associated with the performance of the functions of this job.

A. Exposure to pure raw materials requires incumbent to wear a respirator on a regular basis.

B. Protective clothing and equipment including uniform shirt and slacks, jacket, safety glasses, booties, hairnet, gloves, disposable respirator, hearing protection, PAPR, and tyvek suit are worn continuously in the performance of the job functions.

C. Exposure to noise requires incumbent to wear hearing protection on regular basis.

D. Work hazards include proximity to moving mechanical parts, exposure to dust, odors, cleaning agents, noise, and vibration.

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