Job Information

Anderson Aluminum Corporation Safety Manager in Columbus, Ohio

General Description

Ensures site compliance with OSHA and contract-specific safety requirements. Works collaboratively with personnel, supervisors, management, contractors and customers to support project safety goals. Provides guidance organization-wide on safety, making appropriate recommendations to achieve organizational safety goals and compliance.


  • Oversee accident investigations and related documentation;

  • Identifies and responds appropriately to safety concerns;

  • Maintains that federal, state, local laws, regulations, and codes are enforced;

  • Promote a culture of “safety first” throughout the organization;

  • Maintain OSHA recordkeeping and reporting requirements;

  • Conduct periodic safety audits and reports with recommendations for continuous improvement based on findings;

  • Assist in the implementation, auditing and maintenance of a safety policy handbook and site-specific policies that are required by law;

  • Maintains MSDS/SDS library;

  • Review your crews’ JSA’s for quality of information and that there is one for every task;

  • Review that daily permits are filled out and reviewed with the project team (when applicable);

  • Back-up Administrator for the Drug-Free Workplace Program in conjunction with HR


  • Coordinates OSHA training for new and existing employees;

  • Coordinate the planning, development and implementation of safety training for new employee orientation and annual required training programs;

  • Work with the HR department to develop, implement and maintain a safety discipline policy and accountability program;

  • Report status of overall safety program to leadership team on a periodic basis;

  • Communicate all risks and hazards with the work crews.

  • Listen and respond to safety concerns from any subcontractors;

  • Lead weekly Toolbox Talks and Safety Alert information (provide contractor signed copies)

  • Respond to any safety observations that have been recorded, close out the safety observations .


  • Attend all morning huddle meetings;

  • Attend POD and Weekly Work Plan Meetings;

  • Documented comprehensive safety walks three times a week;

  • Attend BWC-required (for our rating) safety training/meetings ;

  • Ensure crews plan for and have the correct resources and tools


  • Conduct research and stay current regarding safety management best practices in the industry;

  • Develop a working knowledge of workers’ compensation insurance and premium reduction strategies to help maintain a safety program that focuses on a reduction of these costs by improving overall workplace safety;

  • Point person on OSHA visits;

  • Monitor, revise, and implement ongoing updates in safety regulations, laws, or reporting requirements;

  • Utilize Stop Work Authority program when tasks or conditions change, or when unknown hazards arise. Ensure work stops and the work crews revise and review the JSA's to reflect all changes

    Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Safety, ASP/CSP or CHST designation OR minimum of 3 years of prior work history as a designated construction safety coordinator;

  • Qualified to recognize safety hazards;

  • Possesses current certification in first aid, CPR, and AED;

  • Comprehensive knowledge of occupational safety regulations;

  • Possesses a recent OSHA 30-hour card (within the last two years) and/or OSHA 500 certification;

  • Ability to identify problems, establish facts, collect data, draw valid conclusions and ensure problems are solved and do not reoccur

  • Must be able to communicate effectively with construction managers, architects, engineers, field and shop personnel

  • Work well under the pressure of time constraints and changing expectations;

  • Excellent time management, organizational, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills.

  • Customer service orientation with strong communication skills; Ability to train a diverse employee base

  • Proven ability to work independently while supporting company safety goals.

  • Above-average computer skills with demonstrated experience with all Microsoft Office programs, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint.

  • Fluent in Spanish is a plus, but not a requirement.