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Sabre Senior Software Engineering in Bangalore, India

Req ID: 56080

Job Family: Information Technology/Software Development

Sabre Corporation is a leading technology provider to the global travel and tourism industry. Headquartered in Southlake, Texas, USA, Sabre operates offices in approximately 60 countries around the world. At Sabre, we make travel happen. Positioned at the center of the business of travel, our platform connects people with experiences that matter in their lives. Today, Sabre is creating a new marketplace for personalized travel. It is our people who develop and deliver powerful solutions that meet the current and future needs or our airline, hotel and travel agency customers. Join our journey!

Job Description


Sabre is the global leader in innovative technology that leads the travel industry. We are always looking for bright and driven people who have a penchant for technology, are hackers at heart and want to hone their skills. If you are interested in challenging work, being part of a global team, and solving complex problems through technology, business intelligence and analytics, and Agile practices - then Sabre is right for you! It is our people who develop and deliver powerful solutions that meet the current and future needs for our airline, hotel, and travel agency customers.

Sabre Air Vision Cargo Revenue Manager:

Team Background:

Cargo Revenue Manager Team a part of Travel Solutions, solving complex problems with regards to Capacity, Network and Bid Price Optimization, and Long Term Contracts optimization.

This solution has been in production for over a decade and is well known and received for its technical and solution prowess.

We are looking for an experienced, passionate and self-driven Senior Software QA Engineer to join the team in Bangalore, India.

General Description:

Contributor Software Engineer for Cargo RM which is a product for Revenue Manager in the Cargo world.


In Summary:

Primary Skills:

• Core Java with focus on multithreading

• JSP Struts, Spring, Servlets


Secondary Skills:

• Webservices (SOAP)

• JMS (Tibco, IBM MQ, Active MQ)

• DB (Oracle)

• Server (Preferably Tomcat)

• React JS or any other UI/UX Tech

Job Requirements

In Details:

• Core Java (focus more towards backend standalone kind of application development skill)

o Object Oriented Skills (abstraction, encapsulation, data hiding, inheritance, polymorphism, composition, aggregation)

o Java fundamentals (primitives, operators, control flow, class/object, interface/abstract class, packages, access modifiers, overriding, overloading, runtime polymorphism)

o Java Concurrency (basic thread concepts, synchronization, thread safety, concurrent design, executor service,

o Java Collections (basics, when to use what, optimization)

o Design patterns & principles

o Java annotations

o Java 8 Features

o Java Garbage Collection (heap memory layout, collectors, JVM GC options)

• Java Frameworks

o Spring

 Dependency Injection & IOC

 XML & Annotation based bean definition & wiring

 Spring Data


o Hibernate

 Persistence API

 Data Modeling via POJO

 Caching

• Programming Skills

o Algorithms

o Design Skills

o Refactoring Skills

o Debugging Skills

o Unit testing Skills

• Database

o Basic RDBMS skills

o Oracle


• Data Sharing




• Development Process & Tools

o TDD – junit, mockito, easymock, powermock

o Continuous Integration & Sonar

o Automation

o Intelliji, Maven, SVN

o Tomcat, RMI

o Agile

o JVM Tools

• Nice to Have Skills

o Java Swing

o Apache Camel

o Spring boot & spring quartz

o Web service ( REST / SOAP)

o Web service tools (rest client / SOAP UI)

o Linux (basic commands, vi editor)

o Big data

o Java Script based UI framework

o MongoDB



• Graduate in any discipline


• 5-10 Years.

We will give careful consideration to your application and review your details against the position criteria. You will receive separate notification as your application progresses.

Please note that only candidates who meet the minimum criteria for the role will proceed in the selection process. Join our life community at Sabre by following us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

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